Our Data Exchange System allows organizations to push, pull and transform data in a more efficient way

Multiple Sources

Our system allows information to be pulled, transformed and pushed to and from an unlimited number of data sources.

Business Intelligence

The GSB allows our customers to create real-time business intelligence reports based on the input, output and the flow of data the system manages.

Industry Agnostic

Unlike our competitors, our Data Exchange Framework is completely independent from the industry that it operates in.

 A bit of history

A bit of history

The GSB was originally created by Globus Technologies n.v. in order to facilitate the transformation and transportation of data for the customers in the travel and hospitality business.
Since its creation, the GSB has exchanged countless terabytes of data between ERPs, CRMs, booking systems and travel sites.
Soon after deploying the GSB for many of its customers, Gloobus realized that its potential was far from being achieved and that its fully industry-agnostic architecture could be used to serve any vertical that needs data to be transported or transformed.

Shortly thereafter, the GSB as a product was born and nowadays can be implemented in healthcare, IoT, insurance, FMCG, transportation and energy businesses just to name a few.

Main Industries

The verticals that are the most suited to use the GSB
Travel & Hospitality
Travel & Hospitality
Used primarily for legacy booking systems and checking product, prices and availability/inventories
For patient data acquisition, transformation and protection, as well as cross-border data flow
Tracking availabilities, requirements, connecting to legacy inventory systems and deploying fleets


We offer a simple pricing policy suited to all needs. Due to the secure nature of the service, it cannot be setup automatically via our website. Please contact us with your requirements in order to have an account manager assigned to you. Prices are per month, for a one-year prepaid contract.

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